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MicroNiti Rotary Endo Handpiece

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Slim head design for maximum visibility, the MicroNiti Rotary Endo Handpiece is the perfect endodontic solution.
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8:1 Mini-head (Swing Latch)
8:1 Micro-head (Push Button)
16:1 Mini-head (Swing Latch)
16:1 Micro-head (Push Button)
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MicroNiti Rotary Endo Handpiece

The MicroNiti Rotary Endo Handpiece is the perfect endodontic solution. Its mini- and micro-heads are small, increasing visibility and making access to the posterior of the mouth much easier. This dental handpiece is available in push button or swing latch and works will all brands of rotary endo files. With ratios of either 8:1 or 16:1, this MicroNiti endodontic handpiece is fast enough to work with highspeed files like Hedstrom and Gates Glidden.

  • 8:1 or 16:1 reduction contra angle
  • 8:1 handpieces rated at 40-3,600 rpm with 30,000 rpm motor
  • 16:1 handpieces rated at 20-1,800 rpm with 30,000 rpm motor
  • Mini- and micro-heads increase visibility for endodontics

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