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Penguin II

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The new Penguin II is the next-generation dental implant stability monitor for monitoring osseointegration of dental implants using the clinically-proven ISQ Scale. It provides accurate, reliable measurement of dental implant stability. Penguin II is an excellent choice for any dentist placing or restoring dental implants. 

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Penguin II

Introducing the New Generation!

The Penguin II is a highly sophisticated Resonance Frequency analysis (RFA)  instrument for monitoring the osseointegration of dental implants using the clinically-proven ISQ Scale. In addition to a sleeker look and more premium feel, than its predecessor, the Penguin II now features a replaceable battery – significantly extending the product’s useful lifespan. The Penguin II  has an updated aesthetic with important clinical purpose. New flatter sides bring increased comfort, surer grip, and better leverage when in the hand. A new LED display screen improves readability. The Penguin II utilizes cost-effective Multipegs, which are available for all major implant systems and are autoclavable for up to 20 uses.  


Clinical Benefits Include: 

  • Gives dentists the ability to reliably monitor the osseointegration of dental implants
  • Removes doubt when determining safe loading times
  • Reduces risk of implant failure and helps contribute to better outcomes
  • Works with all major implant systems
  • Affordable and uncomplicated


MulTipegs are calibrated to individual implant brands and sizes. In some cases, MulTipegs may be used across different brands for an even better return on investment. Call Aseptico or consult the online MulTipeg list to order the correct MulTipeg for your implants.


(Package Dimensions)

11.02”L x 6.42”W x 3.54”H

1.9 Pounds

What's In The Box
  • Penguin II Instrument
  • Charging station & adapter
  • TestPeg
  • MulTipeg Driver
  • USB stick with the instruction manual
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Here's what our customers say

“A device like the Penguin allows me to know the true stability of my implants at placement and when they are ready to restore. I truly feel that the use of RFA technology is imperative in order to provide timely and predictable implant treatment to my patients.” 


Charles D. Schlesinger, DDS, FICOI

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