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Why the 6000 Series is Aseptico’s Most Popular Motor

January 03, 2023
Why the 6000 Series is Aseptico’s Most Popular Motor

A general dentist wears many hats. One day they are busy with fillings and exams. Another day, they may be performing a root canal. The day after that they might be placing dental implants or performing another type of oral surgery procedure, such as removal of third molars. Versatility is the name of the game and dental professionals need equipment that can adapt. That is why the Aseptico® 6000 Series dental motor is the company’s most popular motor system. It’s known both for its adaptability and affordability.   

Aseptico® AEU-6000 Series Motor

Made in America, the Aseptico® AEU-6000 is a Workhorse in the Dental Practice

This all-in-one-motor can do it all. The Aseptico® 6000 Series dental surgical motor can be used for the the placement of standard and mini-implants with up to 50 Ncm of torque, minor oral surgeries, rotary endodontics, and restorative dentistry – simply change out the handpiece for the procedure you plan to perform.

The Aseptico AEU-6000 motor on a powered trolley cart (ATC-12V2). Shown in the photo are more motor accessories that include the penguin II, Mont Blanc handpiece, spotter, and Aseptispray.

Streamlines Workflow for Implants, Endodontic Procedures

For endodontics, the 6000 Series comes pre-loaded with the complete Dentsply Sirona rotary endodontic file library and allows the user to store up to five different endodontic presets and five different implant presets to streamline workflow. You can easily switch between steps during any procedure at the push of a button or press of a pedal. The optional Multi-Function Foot Control, allows for hands-free operation, providing the operator with variable speed control, or on/off pedal, forward-reverse, torque adjustment, irrigation flow rate, and memory functions for implants and endodontics.

The AEU-7000 series Aseptico motor shown with a Mont Blanc handpiece and the Advanced Foot Pedal

Great Price and Exceptional Value, Now and Later

While the sticker price for an Aseptico® 6000 Series Motor can’t be beat, it also stretches your investment far down the line. Upgradeable software ensures you are always operating at the state-of-the-art level. Autoclavable surgical tubing saves money and prevents waste. While disposable tubing sets cost about $12 per set, autoclavable tubing cost is less than $1 per use — potentially saving thousands of dollars for the dental practice over the life of the motor. Key features of the Aseptico® AEU-6000 dental motor system include:

  • All-in-one platform streamlines workflow
  • Recommend for osteotomy & implant placement, rotary endodontics, minor oral surgery, and restorative dentistry
  • Autoclavable 40k rpm brushless micromotor
  • Compatible with E-type 8:1 endo, 20:1 implant, 1:1, 1:2 surgical, 1:5 1:3 high speed handpieces with external irrigation connections
  • Integrated handpiece calibration
  • Works for all implant types
  • Endodontic presets and complete Dentsply Sirona rotary endodontic file library onboard
  • Reusable, autoclavable irrigation tubing
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Heath Snell, DDS, General Dentist providing Oral Surgery Services, Gilbert, AZ
“I really enjoy my Aseptico AEU-6000. It meets all my surgery needs from placing implants to removing full bony impacted wisdom teeth. I have found that this unit has more features and better torque than my old W&H.”

Heath Snell, DDS
General Dentist Providing Oral Surgery Services
Gilbert, AZ

Video Demonstration of Leading American-made Dental Motor System

Made in America, practical, affordable, reliable, and fully-featured, the Aseptico® 6000 Series dental motor system can help you build your practice and professional reputation. We invite you to watch a video introduction. Our professional and friendly team members have extensive knowlege and can guide you in an excellent motor system and dental handpieces for your practice. Shop online or call today 425-408-9347.

Please contact Aseptico to learn more about the benefits the Aseptico® 6000 Series can bring to your dental practice. Call 425-408-9347 for expert service, or shop online today.