Smiles for Everyone

Smiles For Everyone

Additionally Aseptico has supplied portable dental equipment to the Smiles for Everyone Foundation, most recently in their outreach missions to Thailand and Ghana. In May of 2012, the SFE Foundation sent a team of dentists to Chiang Rai, Thailand, where they provided free dental care in the city and surrounding areas. Because of the Thailand Smile Project, upwards of 725 patients received the dental care they needed but could not receive otherwise. In November 2012, the SFE Foundation sent another team of dentists to Ghana, where they partnered with local organizations to provide dental care to those who needed it. In six days, the team traveled to a children’s home, a school, and villages around Kumasi and Cape Coast in Ghana to provide dental care. Through the Ghana Smile Project, the SFE Foundation was able to treat more than 900 patients who wouldn’t have otherwise have received dental care.