AEU-350 Go Ultra PortableAEU-7000 package with advanced foot pedal and mont blanc hand piece

Advancing Dental Technology

Even if you haven’t heard of Aseptico, you probably use our products, as many are private-labeled for our OEM partners. Our innovations in portable dental technology have made us the world leader in the portable, endodontic, and implant fields, and have revolutionized the capabilities of modern dentistry.

Making Portable Possible

In the early ’80s, Aseptico introduced the first portable dental delivery system, the AseptiMini, making restorative procedures possible in mobile operations. Later, in 2000, we released the first all-electric portable system, the AEU-425 Transport II, which brought more torque to mobile dentistry and allowed surgical procedures to be performed safely on a portable unit.

Recently the AMC-20 Mobile Dental Cart, the first regulatory-approved, self-contained mobile dental cart, has further improved portable technology. Stated by DECS as having outstanding potential in expeditionary environments, the AMC-20 Mobile Dental Cart has made dentistry possible in any location without standard dentistry plumbing.

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Endo Innovations

In the mid-’90s, Aseptico introduced the first rotary endodontic motor system, the AEU-20 Endo ITR. Featuring automatic torque control, the AEU-20 Endo ITR made it unnecessary to manually monitor the force of the file during a procedure.

In the early 2000s, the ITR inspired the AEU-25 Endo DTC®, the first endodontic motor system to include an auto-stop-reverse function. This further improved the motor’s accuracy and prevented file separation. Most recently Aseptico is helping to pioneer reciprocating drives — a cutting edge endodontic innovation — and manufactures two of the current leading reciprocating drives on the market.

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Always Thinking Ahead

Aseptico manufactures the only American-made implant motor. The AEU-7000 Implant & Surgery Motor is known for its durability, ease of use, and power, and it is the only implant motor with fully featured endodontic settings in g/cm.

With the 7000 Series, Aseptico manufactured the first authentic all-in-one specialty motor in the industry to include settings for endodontic, periodontal, and maxillofacial surgery. It includes updateable software, enabling the motor to last for years while remaining up to date with the latest versions.

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We Know Our Products Better Than Anyone Else. Why? Because We Make Them.
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From conception to execution, Aseptico’s engineers stand by our products every step of the way. Our in-house engineering team has a broad range of electrical and mechanical expertise, and because our engineers are on-site, there’s no better source of technical knowledge and support for Aseptico products than Aseptico itself.On top of standing behind our products in their design and manufacture, our engineers are always striving to push our technology to new heights.

“What If?”: A Question We Never Leave Unanswered

All Aseptico products begin with an idea — sometimes internally generated, other times suggested by a customer. From that idea, our engineering team designs a product to meet the needs of the customer as well as our exacting standards of quality. After drawing up a final design, Aseptico products undergo internal and external verification, a testing process that guarantees capabilities and efficient performance. Once a product has passed verification, it moves into manufacture.

Straight from the Source

Aseptico products are American-made, American-engineered, and designed and manufactured at our Woodinville, WA headquarters. During manufacturing — from injection molding to sheet metal and electrical engineering — our attention to detail guarantees that Aseptico products are designed to perform and built to last. Because we do not outsource design or manufacture, we can ensure that all Aseptico products meet our rigorous standards and exceed our customers’ expectations.