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1070 Series Implant Motor

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The AEU-1070 Implant Motor by Aseptico is a powerful and efficient tool designed to streamline dental implant procedures. With its compact size, intuitive interface, and multifunction foot control, this powerful motor offers ease of use and precision at an affordable price

Mont Blanc Handpiece
20:1 Mont Blanc Dental Implant Handpiece (AHP-85MB-CX) (+$1,920.00)
1:1 Slow Speed Dental Surgical Handpiece
1:1 Slow Speed Dental Surgical Handpiece (AHP-64) (+$620.00)
Powered Trolley Cart
Powered Trolley Cart (ATC-12V2) (+$795.00)
Replacement Motor and Cable (AEU-1000 & AEU-1070 Motors)
Replacement Motor (AE-230A-40) (+$1,100.00)
Irrigation Tubing Set (For 6000 and 7000 Series)
Irrigation Tubing Set (AE-24) (+$80.00)
Pump Section Tubing (For 7000 & 6000 Series Motors)
Pump Section Tubing (AE-24-PUMP) (+$26.00)
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1070 Series Implant Motor

The AEU-1070 Implant Motor from Aseptico is a state-of-the-art solution for dental implant procedures. Designed to meet the needs of today's implant dentists, this motor combines advanced features, a compact design, and affordability. With the AEU-1070, you can simplify your workflow and achieve outstanding results.

Featuring a brushless 40,000 RPM motor, the AEU-1070 provides exceptional power and performance. Its available 20:1 reduction handpiece enables precise osteotomy and implant placement, ensuring accuracy and control during procedures. The touch screen display with an intuitive user interface allows easy adjustment of motor settings, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

One of the standout features of the AEU-1070 is the multifunction foot control, which allows for hands-free adjustment of speed, motor direction, irrigation flow, torque, and presets. This feature not only improves workflow efficiency but also enhances infection control by minimizing contact with the motor during procedures.

  • Streamlined workflow: Perform osteotomy and implant placement with ease using an available Mont Blanc 20:1 reduction handpiece
  • User-friendly interface: The touchscreen display and intuitive user interface make it simple to adjust motor settings according to your preferences
  • Hands-free control: The multifunction foot control enables easy adjustment of speed, direction, irrigation flow, torque, and presets, enhancing efficiency and infection control
  • Precise and powerful: The brushless 40,000 RPM motor delivers the power needed for accurate and efficient implant procedures
  • Versatility: With the 1:1 setting (and available 1:1 straight handpiece attachment), the motor is also suitable for surgical and low-speed procedures as well
  • Customization options: The eight programmable presets allow you to customize the motor settings based on your preferred techniques
  • Enhanced accuracy: The integrated handpiece calibration feature ensures speed and torque accuracy at the bur, providing consistent and reliable performance
  • Compact and durable: The motor's compact footprint and water-resistant chassis design make it suitable for various clinical environments
  • Sustainability-focused: The AEU-1070 utilizes autoclavable irrigation tubing, reducing waste and saving costs compared to single-use, disposable tubing
  • Warranty and service: Aseptico offers a two-year equipment warranty and a one-year warranty on handpieces, with dedicated service provided in the USA
  • Brushless 40,000 RPM motor
  • 20:1 reduction handpiece for precise osteotomy and implant placement
  • Touch screen display with intuitive user interface
  • Multifunction foot control for hands-free adjustment
  • 1:1 setting for surgical and low-speed procedures
  • Eight programmable presets for customization
  • Integrated handpiece calibration for accuracy
  • Compact footprint with water-resistant chassis design
  • Autoclavable irrigation tubing for sustainability
  • Two-year equipment warranty; One-year warranty on handpieces
  • Proudly made and serviced in the USA
What's In The Box
  • Electronic Control Console
  • AE-230A-40 Autoclavable 40K Brushless Micromotor
  • Autoclavable Motor Holder (461561)
  • AE-70V2 Multi-Function Foot Control
  • AE-24 Autoclavable Tubing Set
  • AE-24-PUMP Peristaltic Pump Tubing Set
  • Irrigation Bag Hanger Rod (461541)
  • Hospital-grade Power Cord (840079)
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