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7000 Series Motor & 20:1 Handpiece Package

Part #: AEU-7000E-70V & AHP-85MB-CX Categories: ,


Made in USA
Includes 7000 Series Motor, Variable Speed Foot Pedal and 20:1 Mont Blanc Implant Handpiece w/ Depth Gauge. Available with LED illumination for superior visibility during procedures.

7000 Series Implant Motor (Max 80 Ncm)

The 7000 Series Implant Motor is the most reliable, accurate, and comprehensive implant motor on the market today.

20:1 Mont Blanc Dental Implant Handpiece (Max 80 Ncm)

Rated at up to 80Ncm, the 20:1 Mont Blanc Implant Handpiece is one of the strongest handpieces available.

20:1 Reducer w/ Depth Gauge

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