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Return & Repair Policy


Aseptico accepts no responsibility whatsoever for items returned without authorization or that have been improperly packed for shipment.

Electrical consoles must be packaged for return using the same or equal packing material wherein it was received from Aseptico. Special packing materials are used for the protection and safeguarding of merchandise and are important for proper shipment. Damages incurred to the product during shipping are the responsibility of the customer. Shipment to Aseptico and all costs thereof are always the responsibility of the purchaser.

Aseptico accepts no responsibility whatsoever for merchandise returned to the company wherein the customer has not followed the instructions herein.

Aseptico reserves the right, with respect to any merchandise returned, to make appropriate repairs, to bill the customer for any repairs which are not considered by Aseptico to be covered by its product warranty, and to return the merchandise to the customer. When and as appropriate, charges to include any freight costs incurred by Aseptico.

RETURN AUTHORIZATION: NO ITEM MAY BE RETURNED OR SENT IN FOR REPAIR WITHOUTADVANCED AUTHORIZATION issued by Aseptico. To receive a return authorization (RA #) number, call Customer Service direct at 425-408-9988 The authorization number MUST be in plain sight on the OUTSIDE of the package being returned. Unauthorized returns are refused and returned to the sender.

Repair Warranty Policy

If your product is not covered under warranty, Aseptico offers repair services for a fee. Aseptico repairs carry a ninety-day (90) limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty pertains only to that specific repair. Any new and/or different parts failures will be treated as a new repair.

To ensure our customers a rapid turn-around on repairs, we do not provide "estimates" for anything less than $750. If your repair were to cost more than $750, you would be notified for approval to proceed.

Shipping unsterilized or uncleaned products to Aseptico is a violation of Washington State and U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Regulations. A $25 fee will be charged to sterilize handpieces that are not provided to Aseptico in a sterilization pouch, which also must provide an indication the handpiece has been sterilized.


Authorization to return a product (RA # needed) does not imply that a credit or refund will be issued. Aseptico shall be the sole determining authority as to the issuance of a refund and the amount of such refund or credit. Items will not be credited if:

A. They have been in the possession of the customer for 30 days or more

B. They have been used, in whole or in part

C. The item for return has been customized or altered in anyway.

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