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Privacy Policy

Aseptico remains committed to protecting your online privacy. We will only use the information you provide to process orders and to provide a more personalized shopping experience. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology encrypts all confidential information transmitted between your computer and our server. Our online store uses “cookies” to enhance your shopping experience and to track your current shopping basket. These small files reside on your browser and help to distinguish you from other shoppers.

Aseptico strives to meet the highest standards of business ethics and is committed to protecting the personal information of individuals, be they our employees, or those of our customers and suppliers.

Any personal information collected by Aseptico is always the minimum necessary to create the transaction document whether quote, order, or Purchase Order. This information is stored securely and never shared with third parties except as necessary to conclude the business transaction (such as with a bank or a shipping service).

Aseptico chooses to not engage in marketing campaigns directed at individuals outside of North America.

Be assured that none of your personal information will be traded, sold or rented to any outside person or agency for any reason.

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