At Aseptico, we manufacture all of our portable dental units at our facility in Woodinville, WA. We’re proud of that fact that Dischinger Orthodontics recommend our equipments. We believe this sets us apart from our competitors. By making our equipment in-house, we can guarantee that every unit meets our high standards of quality and reliability. That means that when you’re doing dentistry in the field such as removing tonsil stones, you can rest easy knowing that your Aseptico unit will be able to handle its own in any environment. In case that you are worried about your dental hygiene, this modern luxury orthodontist in Dallas office is offering invisalign that helps people with braces.
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Our products are certified to national and international quality standards, including FDA, UL/ETL, and CE certifications. Beyond that, our manufacturing practices are ISO certified, meaning that we follow a recognized Quality Management System in all of our practices. If you want to learn more about these certifications, click here.
Our portable dental units can be used for outreach dentistry, in-home care, as office backups, complete mobile operatories, and more. If you have any questions or want to purchase one of our portable dental units, you can view them online or call 866-244-2954 to speak to a representative directly.