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Why Every Dental Practice Needs a Portable Delivery System

July 24, 2023
Why Every Dental Practice Needs a Portable Delivery System

Versatile Portable Delivery Systems Can Save the Day

In the early 1980’s, Aseptico introduced its first portable dental delivery system to the market, the AseptiMini, making restorative procedures possible in non-traditional settings. Today, Aseptico is recognized as the world leader in portable dental equipment, offering a complete line of fully self-contained dental delivery systems and mobile dental carts equipped with built-in water reservoirs, powerful suction/evacuation, air/water syringe, ultrasonic scaler ports, and your choice of electric or pneumatic handpieces.

It Started as Humanitarian Dental Outreach, but has Grown into Much More…

While originally engineered for humanitarian dental outreach mission use and caring for US military dental needs in the field, the ability to provide dental care in non-traditional settings such as school-based sealant programs, in-home and nursing homes, has expanded to the point where owning a portable dental delivery unit is something that more and more dental practices are considering due to their versatility and affordability. Dentists and hygienists have discovered they can serve more patients by “going mobile.”

Inside of the CareSouth Dental Mobile Clinic

Portable Dental Systems Provide Redundancy, Backup & Risk Management for the Dental Practice

FACT: The central vacuum system in your dental practice will fail at some point or reliable utilities needed for day-to-day operations could get cut-off during emergencies. When that happens, production stops, patients get rescheduled (and become angry), and you lose money. Conservatively, production is estimated at $4,000/day or $500/hr.

An Aseptico® AMC-15 Mobile Dental Cart serves as a quiet, full-service backup operatory and allows for easy practice expansion. Have a treatment room that isn’t plumbed? Considering adding a satellite office? Water turned off for the day? An Aseptico mobile dental cart is a must have for any high production clinic.

Aseptico AMC-15 Mobile Dental Cart is equipped for general dentistry with two automatic high speed air connections, one low speed handpiece connection, internal vacuum and air, water supply, large waste tank with automatic overflow protection, and amalgam separator - no plumbing required!
The Aseptico AMC-15 Mobile Dental Cart has been recognized for its innovative technology – but we are most proud of its affordable price — which includes an amalgam separator!

Provide Restorative or Dental Hygiene Dental Care in any Location

The Aseptico® GO Ultra-Portable System, Express Series, and Taskforce portable delivery systems, allow clinicians to provide a full array of restorative and hygiene dental care, including scaling & root planning. Portable dental delivery systems and mobile dental carts are ideal for:

  • Humanitarian dental missions
  • Nursing homes, long-term care facilities
  • Community outreach
  • School-based sealant programs
  • New practice marketing opportunities
  • Emergency mobile dental care
  • Rural and remote patient care

Additional Income Opportunity for Hygienists

Offer your backup portable system to your hygienists so they’re able to offer oral hygiene services to nursing home and long-term care facilities on their days off. This is a great team building value ad, as more and more hygienists are expanding their practices by offering care to the underserved.

A Portable Dental System Pays for Itself After Only One Emergency

A portable dental delivery system is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment a practice can own. If purchased and stored only as a backup system, it will pay for itself after only one emergency. Take it a step further, and you’ll have a tool that can boost your marketing by enabling you to provide off-site care to patients whose dental needs aren’t being met.

Please contact Aseptico inc to learn more about the benefits that portable dental systems can bring to your dental practice. Call 425-408-9347 for expert service, or shop online today.