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The GO Ultra-Portable Dental System Makes Patient Care Easier for Dr. Wade Banner

August 30, 2022
The GO Ultra-Portable Dental System Makes Patient Care Easier for Dr. Wade Banner

It looks like carry-on luggage, but it’s a portable dental system capable of amazing things

For some people, going to the dentist can be a challenge. In the United States, as many as 4 million adults are completely or mostly homebound. They are generally older and tend to have more than one complex health condition, such as cancer, diabetes, lung disease, heart failure, or cognitive issues. For this patient population, we are fortunate to have a special breed of dental professionals that treat patients in non-traditional settings such as in-home, nursing homes, or other institutions.

Dr. Wade Banner Brings Dental Care to Homes in Southern California

Dr. Wade Banner, owner of In Motion Dentistry, brings dental care straight into the homes of his patients in Southern California. His mission? “To be able to provide full comprehensive dental care for patients that can’t get out of the home,” says Banner. To accomplish this, Dr. Banner needs specialized equipment that allows him to perform dentistry without compromise. That is where his relationship with Aseptico Inc. comes in. He has selected Aseptico portable dentistry solutions throughout his more than ten years of performing house-call dentistry and has recently started using the new Aseptico® GO Ultra Portable Dental System.

Aseptico® GO Ultra Portable Dental System on the go.

The Aseptico® GO Portable System Helps Dentists Bring Dental Care to Homebound Patients

The Aseptico® GO Ultra Portable Dental System is capable of performing restorative and hygiene functions, from cavity fillings to root canals. “We bring everything with us in our van to be able to do whatever dental services need to be provided,” says Dr. Wade Banner, “If a filling turns into a root canal, we have the ability to do that root canal right there on the spot.” The type of capabilities that the GO Ultra Portable system provides makes life easier for both dentist and patient, saving them from having to book multiple appointments.

Easy set-up and Speedy Breakdown are Key Features of the GO Portable Dental System

With every cord and accessory fitting neatly in place, the design of the GO Ultra Portable system is geared for ease of use when prepping the unit for operation. In less than five minutes, a dentist like Dr. Banner can have a fully operational dentist station anywhere. The GO Ultra Portable dental system is also the only mobile dental unit on the market currently that has the ability to run independently off of battery power – an amazing capability that has important implications for extremely remote settings and humanitarian care around the world.

Dr. Wade Banner using the Aseptico® GO Ultra Portable Dental System.

Aseptico® GO Ultra Portable Dental System’s Other Unbeatable Features

  • Quiet & Powerful Electric Motor – 5k to 200k rpm range is ideal for prophy and restorative.
  • More Powerful Suction! – New vacuum blower technology generates 5 SCFM.
  • Easy & Light – Only 34 pounds! 10 pounds lighter than the Aseptico® Express, the world’s #1 system!
  • Super Compact! – 22″ x 13″ x 9.2″ fits into the airline overhead as carry on luggage.
  • Faster Drying for Sealants – Syringe performance: 80 psi initial, 50 psi continuous.
  • 650 ml Liter Waste Capacity – Easy, clean removal of waste.
  • 500 mL Water Capacity – Plenty of water capacity for restorative cases.
  • Impact Resistant – Durable, wheeled case with comfortable handles.
  • Weighted and Omnidirectional Foot Pedal – Stays in place and can be activated from any angle.

Watch Dr. Banner and How His Practice Utilizes Aseptico Technologies

Please contact Aseptico to learn more about the benefits the Aseptico® GO Ultra Portable Dental System can bring to your dental practice. Call 425-408-9347 for expert service, or shop online today.