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How The Most Advanced Portable Dental System in the World Got Even Better

April 24, 2023
How The Most Advanced Portable Dental System in the World Got Even Better

When it comes to portable dentistry, Aseptico’s philosophy is, “Stronger, faster, lighter, better.” Embedded in this philosophy is the core belief of constant innovation. Aseptico is always striving to make better products and to also push existing models to their fullest potential. That’s why the engineering team didn’t sit on its laurels when the GO Ultra Portable dental system received rave reviews from dental professionals. Instead, they looked at how they could make it better.

Aseptico® GO Ultra Portable has market-defining features

In our view, the Aseptico® GO Ultra Portable is already the most advanced dental system on the planet. Its design capitalizes on Aseptico’s years of leadership in portable dentistry. The GO Ultra Portable dental system is capable of restorative dentistry and hygiene functions with an integrated electric motor and LED fiber-optic lighting. The GO Ultra Portable includes these industry-leading features:

Go Ultra Portable Dental Unit AEU-350
  • So light & compact – only 32 pounds – it qualifies as carry-on luggage for air travel
  • Only portable dental system that can operate on external battery power (24V)
  • New Vacuum Blower Technology delivers powerful, quite, energy-efficient operation
  • Exceptionally quite – a new level of working comfort!

The GO truly is one-of-a-kind. It poses a difficult question then, how does one make this product better?

The GO Ultra Portable is now 2 pounds lighter!

The engineering team at Aseptico saw an opportunity to significantly reduce the weight of the unit and improve its operation. “We had a situation in the lower chamber, where we had hard metal conducting heat to the outside,” said Lead Engineer Scott Lewallen, “but we found that if we repositioned how we circulate the air, we could eliminate hard metal and bulky conductors.” These changes not only gave the GO Ultra Portable dental system an efficiency boost, it also cut more than two pounds off what was already one of the lightest portable systems in the world. The GO Ultra Portable is now only 32 pounds versus compared to its previous 34 pound weight.

New Vacuum Line Filter provides incredible benefits

With these changes, Aseptico also introduced a new customer-replaceable Vacuum Line Filter (VLF), which provides a host of upgrades for the unit. Most importantly, it provided a way for the end-user to remove either the upper or lower assembly from the unit without having to remove both.

“Our goals were to improve the ability to repair, to protect the blower, to filter most infectious pathogens and improve overall efficiency,” says Stuart Kazen, Aseptico Director of Sales.

In addition to removing 99.9% of virus and bacteria from system exhaust, inclusion of the new Vacuum Line Filter improves the effectiveness of the system as a whole, improves air quality in and around the unit, and increases the service life of the system.

Go Ultra Portable Dental Unit AEU-350


The latest version of the Aseptico® GO Ultra Portable dental system continues to push the boundaries of innovation. More efficient heat cycling has made the already exceptionally light portable dental delivery unit even lighter. The addition of a new Vacuum Line Filter not only protects against pathogens, but better protects the unit and makes the unit easier to disassemble for maintenance and service. These changes continue to represent what Aseptico strives for, always pushing our products to be lighter, better, faster, stronger.