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HandiDam® Aids in Infection Control for Dentistry

February 21, 2022
HandiDam® Aids in Infection Control for Dentistry

Use of rubber dam isolation is the standard of care for dentistry and a must for endodontic procedures.1 Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, rubber dam isolation is more important than ever for dentistry, particularly for aerosol-generating procedures. The dental dam is proven effective at minimizing droplet spatter and aerosols and is specifically included in infection control guidelines by the CDC. 2 Importantly, rubber dam use is not just for the patient’s protection – it helps protect the dental team too.

Rubber dam isolation protects patients & the dental team

Advantages of rubber dam use include patient protection from aspiration of instruments, tooth debris, medicaments, and irrigating solutions. Rubber dam isolation improves visibility and helps in soft tissue retraction and protection. Use of a dental dam keeps the operating field clean and isolated from saliva, blood, and other fluids. The dental dam reduces cross contamination and provides an excellent barrier to the potential spread of infection. The rubber dam minimizes patient conversation during treatment and the need for frequent rinsing. Routine placement of rubber dam is considered the standard of care by professional organizations.1

Use of HandiDam® pre-framed dental dam isolation improves visibility and keeps the operating field clean.

The Practical Design of HandiDam® helps improve working efficiencies

HandiDam® Pre-framed Dental Dam by Aseptico provides excellent isolation, aids in infection control, and saves time. Compared to a standard rubber dam – and other dental dam products – the practical design of HandiDam® Pre-framed Dental Dam helps improves working efficiency — that’s why it is a favorite of leading endodontists, pediatric dentists, and dentists all over the world.

HandiDam® provides excellent isolation, aids in infection control, and saves time.

  • Pre-framed, flexible design – one piece and ready to go once the dental dam clamp is installed
  • Isolates single tooth or group of teeth
  • Can be used just like any other dental dam
  • The combination of the flexible frame and the unique HandiDam® shape make it easy to place and comfortable for the patient
  • Autoclavable Handle attachment facilitates access to the oral cavity for suction and X-rays – a huge time-saver!
  • Superior elasticity and tear resistance
  • Available in Latex or Latex-free
  • Meets FDA powder-free standard
  • Favored for quality and reliability

The HandiDam® Pre-framed Dental Dam is trusted by dental professionals worldwide and can be purchased directly through Aseptico Inc. and from leading dental dealers around the world.

Watch a video demonstration

We invite you to watch a short video demonstration. You won’t want to miss the big reveal at 1:25 in the video.

Don’t let poorly designed or poor quality dental dams slow you down. The reliable quality of HandiDam® Pre-framed Dental Dam by Aseptico is a more comforable choice for the patient and a big time-saver for the dental team.


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