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Aseptico® 7000 Series Dental Motor is Named Top 25 Implant Product

Evan Peper
August 30, 2022
Aseptico® 7000 Series Dental Motor is Named Top 25 Implant Product

Implantology & Oral Surgery Motor Recognized for the Eighth Straight Year

The Aseptico® 7000 Series Motor has been named a Reader’s Choice Top 25 Implant Product for 2022 by Dentistry Today, the nation’s leading clinical news magazine for dentists. The Top 25 Implant Products for 2022 were featured in the March edition of the magazine. This marks the eighth straight year that the Aseptico® 7000 Series has earned this accolade. 

Dentistry Today’s criteria when compiling their Reader’s Choice Top 25 Implant Products annual list is how often their readers inquire after certain products. It is a simple and effective way for them to gauge what the dental world is abuzz about. Getting a product on to one of their rankings is a true achievement. The Aseptico® 7000 Series has been named a Reader’s Choice Top 25 Implant Product since Dentistry Today began recognizing this category back in March of 2015.

Designed for dental Implantology and oral surgery

The Aseptico® 7000 Series has earned the reputation as one of the most comprehensive implant systems in the world. It provides the exact power needed to perform precise, accurate placement of implants. Key features that set the Aseptico® 7000 Series apart for implant placement are:

  1. Place Every Type of Implant – Now and In the Future:  Dentists working with the Aseptico® 7000 Series have the ability to accurate place every type of dental implant on the market today – from minis to conventionals, for low-, medium-, and high-torque implant systems. With the dental implant industry moving so fast, the 7000 series features upgradeable software so that the motor system keeps up with the latest advances.
  2. High Torque: Accurate and adjustable torque is a must for today’s dental applications. The Aseptico® 7000 Series features efficient and adjustable torque desired by clinicians. It can place implants up to 80 Ncm – one of the most powerful motors on the market today.
  3. Advanced Dynamometer Calibration System: Performs a 45-second torque efficiency test on the implant contra angle prior to the procedure and adjusts in real-time for any anomalies in the handpiece, ensuring that the speed and torque shown on the operating display accurately represent performance at the bur.

American-made, high-quality dental implant motor provides exceptional value

Whether you are just beginning to place dental implants, or are a seasoned pro, the Aseptico® 7000 Series dental implant and oral surgery system, offers the leading features for your clinical success. Since 1975, Aseptico has pioneered important innovations in endodontic and implant motors and continues to drive advancements with clinical benefits. Aseptico proudly offers a 2-year warranty with speedy and professional customer service.

What dentists are saying about their industry-leading implant motor

“I’ve used numerous motors in the past for my implants and oral surgery. They were always breaking down! I started using the Aseptico® AEU-7000 twelve years ago. It’s an amazing workhorse! I’ve placed over 40,000 implants with practically no issues. I now have six AEU-7000 units in my practice, and we use them all day long,” said Todd E. Shatkin, DDS, FADI, FICD, FICOI, DIAMDI, developer of the F.I.R.S.T® Technique (Fabricated Implant Restorations and Surgical Technique) for dental implants.

“The Aseptico® surgical and implant motors have been a staple in my Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery practice. The quality, durability, ease of use and customer service have been unmatched. I wholeheartedly recommend them for all of your surgical and implant handpiece motor needs,” said Joyce Jeffries, DDS Board Certified Oral Surgeon of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Video demonstration of leading American-made dental implant motor

In addition to the features highlighted above, the 7000 Series provides specialist-level performance for other oral surgeries, rotary endo, and restorative applications, making it a true all-in-one, multi-specialty solution. We invite you to view a short video overview of the 7000 Series here: 

Please contact Aseptico to learn more about the benefits the Aseptico® 7000 Series can bring to your dental implant practice. Call 425-408-9347 for expert service, or shop online today.


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