At Aseptico, we are proud to be a part of many dental outreach missions. We supply nonprofit organizations and dentists with reliable portable dental equipment to aid in their efforts to bring dental care to places where it is otherwise inaccessible.
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For World Wide Smiles

Since the early 90s, For World Wide Smiles has been providing dental outreach internationally through the distribution of hygiene tools, teaching hygiene practice in schools, and offering free dental care to those who need it but can’t afford it. Their goal is to reduce suffering from dental-related diseases and provide education, prevention, and practice to those who need it worldwide. To date, For World Wide Smiles has taken over 70 dental outreach trips to countries across Asia, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and underserved areas of the U.S.
Read our interview with the founder of For World Wide Smiles here.

Global Dental Relief Nepal

In late 2013, Aseptico helped sponsor a dental camp at the Silver Shrine School in Kathmandu, Nepal. Three-hundred fifty children received dental care and oral hygiene instruction for the first time. Many of the children needed major restorations and extractions, and because of Global Dental Relief’s work they received necessary dental care that they would not have gotten otherwise. The Board of Global Dental Relief awarded Aseptico with a Bronze Level School Sponsorship for our contribution.
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The African Dental Aid Project

In 2012, Aseptico worked with the African Dental Aid Foundation to provide equipment for their outreach project in Northern Kenya. Northern Kenya is a remote area without water or electricity, and its arid conditions can be problematic to most dental equipment. Medical care is difficult to reach, and dental care is not even provided. However, with the help of Aseptico’s Express II unit, the dentists of the African Dental Aid Foundation were able to provide much-needed dental care to people who would not receive it otherwise.

Climb for a Cause

Since 2011 Aseptico has been partnering with Climb for a Cause, a non-profit fundraising foundation. Through sponsored fundraising hikes, Climb for a Cause garners the support of dentists, organizations, and individuals to raise money for various in-country partners like Global Dental Relief. Global Dental Relief’s goal is to bring free dental care to impoverished children worldwide, and their missions have reached areas across Asia, Africa, and Central America. By supporting the efforts of Climb for a Cause and Global Dental Relief, Aseptico is able to give back to those less fortunate and support the globalization of quality dental care.
Bhutan Assisting dental outreach

Smiles for Everyone

Additionally Aseptico has supplied portable dental equipment to the Smiles for Everyone Foundation, most recently in their outreach missions to Thailand and Ghana. In May of 2012, the SFE Foundation sent a team of dentists to Chiang Rai, Thailand, where they provided free dental care in the city and surrounding areas. Because of the Thailand Smile Project, upwards of 725 patients received the dental care they needed but could not receive otherwise. In November 2012, the SFE Foundation sent another team of dentists to Ghana, where they partnered with local organizations to provide dental care to those who needed it. In six days, the team traveled to a children’s home, a school, and villages around Kumasi and Cape Coast in Ghana to provide dental care. Through the Ghana Smile Project, the SFE Foundation was able to treat more than 900 patients who wouldn’t have otherwise have received dental care.
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Missions of Mercy

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Since 2000, America’s Dentists Care Foundation has been providing free dental care for the less fortunate here at home through its Missions of Mercy events nationwide. Aseptico is a proud sponsor of Missions of Mercy, donating equipment to support their dental outreach efforts. Since its conception, Missions of Mercy has provided free dental care to over 100,000 patients, totaling in nearly 50 million dollars in free services offered to those in America who cannot afford them.
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Aseptico is thankful that we are able to be a part of these missions, and we will continue to support organizations like the African Dental Aid Foundation, Climb for a Cause, Global Dental Relief, the Smiles for Everyone Foundation, and Missions of Mercy in their humanitarian efforts.