Who is Aseptico?

Aseptico, Inc. is a small, well-established company that designs, builds, and sells high-quality dental equipment for use in dental offices and remote areas. Our products allow skilled professionals to provide much-needed dental services in established dental offices and to our military forces in the field or missionary facilities throughout the world. Aseptico employees take pride in knowing that their efforts help make life better for people in need.

Why Aseptico?

We offer unique career opportunities for talented and dedicated individuals because:

  • We are small enough that your contributions will make a real difference
  • We enjoy a highly interactive, team-oriented workplace where you know your colleagues by their first name
  • We are established and stable, and enjoy steady growth in our niche market
  • We are large enough to offer career growth paths, and promote from within
  • We offer professional development and competitive compensation and benefits

We appreciate your interest and look forward to talking with you.